Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) - PSN

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List Of The Divisions Of The Clan:

Patrol Division (PATROL):

The Patrol Divison patrols around Liberty City, responding to calls, detering crimes, and looking for crimes in progress. Units of other divisions can still patrol sometimes. these are known as extra patrols.


Detective Bureau:

The Detective Bureau investigates crimes in Liberty City, detectives will still sometimes wear Uniforms, such as when an extra Patrol Unit is needed.

Aviation Division (AIR):

The Aviation Division assists in pursuits by keeping an eye out from the air. If neccessary, Aviation units can land  and help apprehend the suspect.

Emergency Service Unit (ESU):


The Emergency Service Unit handles high risk situations by using tactics to attempt to apprehend or neutralize dangerous suspects. ESU can also be utilized for Search And Rescue (S&R) purposes.


Highway Patrol (HP):

The Highway Patrol Division is responsible for the thoroughfares and expressway's in Liberty City.

Transit (TRNS):

The Transit Division is responsible for keeping Liberty City's Airport's, Trains and Buses safe for traveler's, tourists, and commuter's.